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17 June

Why Pay For Online Backup Software?


Why pay for it? With the abundance of free software, why pay?

By now, you’ve heard of online backup. A lot of people are actually taking advantage of this now. You can’t blame them. After all, it’s convenient. Your files are backed up online. You don’t have to carry any kind of gadget. All you really need is the internet. Then your files are backed up online.

Free Is Good But Is It Safe?

Who wouldn’t want a free online backup software? That’s pretty hard to resist. And there are a lot nowadays. They are all very convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about bringing any kind of storage device. After all, your files are backed up online. The best part of it is that you can access your files from anywhere. That’s the convenience of backing up online.

But here’s something to think about. Is it safe? It’s definitely convenient since it’s free and accessible. But is it safe?

Take a quick look at all your files in your computer. Would you want anyone going through your computer files? How would you feel if someone read your files?

Surely, you have a lot of important files in your computer. Your personal and work files are all in your computer. All these files hold vital information about you. Such information should be confidential. Your privacy could be at risk if such information is out.

You’re transmitting your computer files online using a free service. How sure are you about the security of your files? Given the fact that the service is free, is it safe? You just can’t cross your finger, hoping for zero data breaches. That’s not a good way to go. There has to be a guarantee that your files are safe.

Here’s the lowdown on the free online backup software. It maybe convenient but it’s not safe. First of all, you wouldn’t know if your files were encrypted. Online backup software should encrypt your files. Your files should be encrypted before they’re transmitted online. This is one good way to safeguard your files.

Most likely, a free online backup software doesn’t encrypt files. If it does, then you’re lucky. But you need to know what kind of encryption process it uses. For the sake of privacy, you want the most secure encryption process. Unfortunately, a free online backup software won’t have such product feature.

There’s A Better Option

You have a better option. You can pay for online backup software. There are a lot of it in the market nowadays. Some are pretty pricey but some are very affordable. You just have to look closely and choose wisely.

For example, Carbonite is one online backup software that’s very affordable. This is one software that’s easy on your budget. You only pay an annual fee and your files are backed up.

Carbonite also has another feature that you can’t resist. It makes use of the 128-bit Blowfish encryption. That’s the same encryption process the financial institutions use. It just shows how safe your files are when they’re transmitted online.

Own It

When it comes to online backup software, you’re better off owning it. And that means you have to pay for it. You cannot get the protection you need from a free online backup software. You’ll be risking the security of your files. With a free online backup software, there’s just no guarantee. There’s a huge possibility that you can lose your files. Also, you’re exposing your files to the possibility of a data breach. Either way, you lose. Your files are safer if you pay for online backup software.

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