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17 June

Terms and Conditions

I value your time and effort for visiting my website, havepai.com. I share with you everything I know about online backup. I have been backing up to the cloud for a long time and have become a great fan of the service. Losing data, especially the most crucial ones, has never been a problem of mine since I discovered online backup. My total trust in my online service provider has motivated me to blog about it.

Now before you make use of all the information here on my website, take note of all the things that I will take up here on this particular page of my website. The following will guide as to how you can properly use my website, havepai.com. This serves as the terms and conditions of my website.

I Write To Inform

My primary goal here on havepai.com is to inform you about the advantages of using online backup. These advantages are based on my years of experience in using a web-based backup software. Having said that, I am not, in any way, commissioned or sponsored to write about any online software backup service provider. In case I mention a product, which I will be from time to time, it is because I’m using it or have used it.

You will notice some links here on my website. These links are affiliate programs. The minimum amount I earn from these affiliate links are used to maintain my website.

My Articles Can Be Shared

I am very confident that you will find my articles here very interesting. Online backup may sound too techy, nonetheless it’s for everybody. You will be able to relate to all of my articles posted here. Should you want to share them with other folks on other websites, do not forget to share my link as well. This way, my website is recognized as the rightful owner of the articles. After all, it is.

In the event that you want to contact me, feel free to use my contact form. I would love to hear from you.

Online Backup Is The Only Topic Here

By now, you have noticed that my website is all about online backup. That is the only topic that’s discussed here. No other topic will be taken up here.
So if you have something to say about online backup, feel free to share it. On the other hand, if what you have to share has nothing to do with online backup, my website is not the right venue for it. Furthermore, my website will not accept any kind of comments or inquiries that is damaging to a person or to a company.

I Can’t Please Everybody

I am aware of the fact that I cannot please everybody. In the event that your thoughts and ideas on online backup are different from mine, I will respect you for that. Feel free to leave my website anytime. I will not welcome any kind of foul language and defamatory remarks.

Lastly, do visit this page from time to time. I will post updates and changes here. Please keep yourself posted with all the changes.

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