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17 June

Privacy Policy

As an avid fan of online backup, I understand the importance of privacy. One of the reasons why I back up online is because of file privacy. Knowing that all my crucial files are encrypted online, I am assured that no one can get to my files. Hence, privacy is a big deal for me.

As the administrator of this website, I am obliged to inform you as to how I protect your personal information,

You are always welcome to use my website. I do not require my visitors to sign up. Just for you to know, even of you’re not sharing your name and email address here on my website, there is one personal information I am able to access from your visit and that is your IP address.

Your IP address is a specific set of numbers that represents the computer you are using each time you visit my website. With your IP address, I am able to see what your internet service provider is and exactly where you are located. This happens because of the cookies that help me track my visitors. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, turn the cookies off in your settings. In the event that I am able to access your IP address, I will only be using it for traffic analysis. Unless my website’s terms and conditions are violated, IP addresses will be kept in total secrecy.

You are most welcome to share your comments and even drop a line or two. Should you have to do that, I will immediately have access to your name and email address. I assure you that I will protect your name and email address. They will never be shared with any company or third party vendors. Moreover, I will never share them with any person who might just send you junk mails. It is also for that reason that I will never send you junk mails.

I can assure you that I will take care of all the personal information you will share here on my website. Should you have any more questions about the Privacy Policy of my website, feel free to use my contact form to get with me.

In the meantime, you can visit this particular page from time to time so that you can be updated with my Privacy Policy. As I mentioned earlier, I will not bother you by sending emails. All updates on how your privacy is protected on havepai.com will be posted here. Thanks for your visit.

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