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02 May

Five Reasons Why Online Backup Is For You


Think no more. Online backup is definitely for you. Here are five good reasons why.

Uncertain Times

Times are uncertain. You can never tell what’ll happen next. The previous year brought a lot natural disasters. There were earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons. In the United States alone, there were wildfires, winter storms, and tornadoes. What next?

This is not meant to scare you. But that’s reality. Natural disasters are inevitable. You can’t stop them from coming. The most you can do is to minimize the risk. And if you can protect yourself, then why not protect your computer files as well.

You can never tell what will happen and when it will happen. When Mother Nature strikes, you wouldn’t have time to think of anything. The first thing that’ll come to your mind is your family and nothing else. Everything else is forgotten.

That’s precisely the reason why online backup is for you. If a disaster strikes, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Whether it’s a natural or simply just a computer disaster, all your files are preserved. That’s because they’re all backed up online.

You certainly cannot stop disasters from happening. But you can certainly minimize your losses.

You Don’t Back Up Regularly

You have to admit it. You just don’t back up your files regularly. You try but you just can’t do it. A whole year had passed and you had only backed up a few files. Gosh! They’re not even updated to this day.

Consider yourself lucky if nothing happened to your files last year. Consider yourself lucky if you never accidentally deleted a file. But then, consider this. How lucky can you get this 2015? You just can’t stretch your luck anymore. If you had never backed your files in the past, what makes you think you can this year?

You just have to admit it. You’ll never ever back up your files. And if you do, you’ll never even think of updating them. So why not just back up online?

You Share Your Computer

Do you share your computer? Do you share it with your kids? Or maybe you share it your siblings. You have more chances of losing your files if you’re sharing a computer. Aside from some privacy issues, your files have more chances of getting deleted accidentally. To make matters worse, you’ll be in the same boat with a bunch of other losers if that single computer breaks down. Can you imagine all those files gone in a second? That’s really going to hurt. The sad part is that you’ll never be able to recover all the files. Once that computer breaks down, it’s goodbye files.

You can never tell when the computer will break down. But it will and there’s just no doubt about that. Just like a natural disaster, you can’t stop a computer from breaking down. But you can certainly minimize your losses by making sure all the files are backed up online.

You’re Not Organized

You try to be but you just can’t be organized. Somehow, you just find it so hard to be organized. So even if you’ve taken some time to back up your files on external devices, you just can’t seem to keep track of them.

With so many external devices, you can’t figure out which files are backed up where. There are just too many file names to look through. And if you’re not organized enough to label your external devices and the files, most probably you’ve never even bothered to update the files as well. So what’s the use? Those files are probably useless by now.

So spare yourself the trouble. Just back up online. This way, all your files are backed up automatically. The best part is that your files are updated automatically as well. So who needs to be organized when there’s online backup?

Everything Is In Your Computer

Do you keep everything in your computer? Are your photos, videos, and personal documents in your computer as well? Do you work on your office files on your own personal computer as well? If your answer is yes, then you need to back up online.

Your computer won’t be around forever. You know that pretty well by now. Anything can happen to your computer. You can lose all your files in a second. Everything that you had worked on for years can disappear in just one second. How can you survive that heartbreak? You don’t! You just start again.

But do you really want to start again? Do you want to start from scratch? You definitely don’t want to do all that. You know pretty well that you can never recreate a file, a video, or even a photo. Once it’s lost, it’s gone forever.

So if you’re still thinking about it, stop! The time has come for you to make a decision. Go for it. You need to back up online now.

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