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17 June


HannahHi there. Glad you came to visit my site. I’m Hannah and I am your stereotypical geek/nerd woman. I love gadgets and technology. From mobile phones and tablets to the geekiest toys … I have them. However, there is one techie thing that I would like to share with my friends and that is online backup software. I can’t stress how important this has been to me ever since my laptop got stolen. Guess what? … I did not have  a backup then. Geez! What a hassle it was to replicate all my lost files and documents. In fact, I never recovered everything and pretty much started from scratch. I LOST EVERYTHING!

Enough with the sad story. I had to recover what I can recover from some external backup hard drive I had which was not updated. Fortunately, I had my most important data files backed up. Thank goodness. Ever since I lost my laptop and my data, I have been a big supporter of online backup and have been telling family and friends to get on the bandwagon to avoid all the frustrations and agony of having lost important files. So here is my very own blog to share my thought s on online backup. It really has been a personal thing for me. 🙂

I hope you learn something from my site.


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